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World’s only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate. BIG Token will forever change the currency landscape.
Token sale completed on 03 August
Goal: 3,000,000 USD
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Every face-value dollar of BIG Token at issue price is backed by a dollar in equity of real estate.
The tokens would hold a minimum dollar value equivalent to the equity value of the physical underlying real estate assets at the time of the ICO.
Compliance administered by Ministry of Finance regulated subsidiary of BIG Grp.
Compliance and integrity of BIG tokens’ entire ecosystem will be administered by a Japanese Ministry of Finance-regulated subsidiary of BIG Grp.
We buy back tokens at market value subject to a 15% premium to our contributors after one year.
We have made a commitment to buy back the tokens from our contributors at a price that is 15% higher than the token’s original issue price. This will be starting from one year after the completion of the ICO.
A token with genuine utility and intrinsic value.
Landowners would be developing businesses on their land. They are encouraged to accept BIG Tokens as a mode of payment.

Ms. Yen Ong
Mr. Stephen Lee
Ms. Junice Liew
Mr. Christopher Chua
Token Sale: 27 February — 03 August
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