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MOBU is an end-to-end solution for launching compliant security tokens. Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, MOBU developed the MOB20 standard protocol that defines a set of commands that a security token should implement. MOBU is an ecosystem that implements this unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure the protection of both investors and ICO issuers to create a more competitive ICO services pricing environment which complies with SEC regulations including KYC/AML, a unique new type of escrow, etc. Similar to how the $80 billion USD Ethereum platform simplified the process of launching a utility token, MOBU simplifies the process of launching a compliant security token. MOBU will support Reg S, Reg D, and Reg A+ compliant security token offerings, and with the incorporated ability to select experienced legal counsel across multiple jurisdictions within the platform, token issuers can be sure they can create compliant tokens within their local jurisdictions.

Ronen Sartena
Director Of Business Development At The Real Start
Dmitrii Sunka
Business Development Manager At GateON
Bobir Akilhanov
CEO At The Real Start
Nikolay Shkilev
TOP 5 ICObench Expert
Sydney Ifergan
Crypto & ICO Community Expert
Vladimir Nikitin
CRYPTO Enthusiast
James Barber
Crypto & ICO Community Expert
Timo Trippler
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