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Token sale will start 01 February
Goal: 2,950,000 USD
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Quizando is about to totally revolutionise one of the digital world’s most important and fastest growing sectors by disrupting the way social media influencers monetize their followings. By using our platform to live host pay-to-play-to-win quizzes, people with social media followings of all sizes can earn real money, real easily and real fast. They now have an easy way to turn followers into revenue. Our ICO is unique because our raise is small and carefully planned out not to mention the fact that our product already exists – we are just expanding and enhancing it. But the small raise doesn’t hide our massive potential. So join our whitelist today and be part of the influencer revolution!

Damien Xuereb
Compliance Advisor
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Stella Cini
Influencer Advisor
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Karl Schranz
ICO Strategy & Tokenomics Advisor
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Dr Christian Ellul
Legal Advisor
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Nikolay Shkilev
ICO Advisor
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James Calvert
Chief Executive Officer
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Wesley Ellul
Chief Community Officer
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Chris Mifsud
Chief Marketing Officer
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Robert Grech
Chief Operations Officer
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Stefan Z Camilleri
Chief Technical Officer
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Jean Paul Barthet
Operations Advisor
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Sandro Psaila
Blockchain Advisor
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Token Sale: 01 February — 01 March
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